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What is the All-In-One loan?

The All-In-One loan is a First Lien 30year Draw HELOC with an Integrated Sweep-Checking account.

What does that mean?

This loan will apply 100% of your income towards your principle payment while at the same time allowing you access to your equity without any penalty fees or higher interest rates.

How does it work?

We will combine your checking account with your mortgage account. As your paychecks come in, all of that income will be applied to your loan. You can then make your payments for your various expenses with the equity that you are creating with the convenience of a debit card. The only required monthly payment you will have is an interest payment that is re-calculated nightly and drawn at the end of the month based on the remaining balance of your loan. The faster you pay off your home the faster that payment gets lower and lower. It maximizes your principle payments which in turn minimizes your interest payments, putting more money in your pocket and out of the banks.

Is this a great loan for investors?

This loan was built with investors in mind. Maximizing the cash flow from investment properties accelerates the payoff for your properties at an astonishing pace. When you want to apply for your next investment property, the only debt that will be held against you is the required monthly interest-only payment. You will be able to afford more property, faster and without having to do any cash-out refinances in order to gain access to your equity for your next investment. Saving you countless amounts of closing costs over the next 30years.

How fast can I pay off my home?

This loan puts the power back in your hands, depending on your cash flow and income factors I have quoted payoff times as short as 5 years.

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